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Send a Child to Hucklow
Minister to run Sheffield 10K for SACH E-mail
Sunday 15th September 2019
Rev Andy Phillips, minister of Upper Unitarian Chapel in the centre of Sheffield will run the Sheffield 10K on Sunday, 22nd September, then hot-foot(sic) it to the Chapel, hopefully in time to conduct morning worship at 11am. The theme is: “Come as you are!” He may well do just that...!

Presentation at Mansfield Unitarian Chapel E-mail
Wednesday 10th July 2019
SACH Trustee Pauline Smith Writes, “Some 35 members and their families from various lodges of the Freemasons in Mansfield and Ashfield took part in their 26th Swimathon at the Water Meadows swimming complex on 17th March 2019. They were raising money for the charity, ‘Send a Child to Hucklow’ which provides holidays for disadvantaged children in Great Hucklow, Derbyshire.Photo by Abigel Marko (click to enlarge)

Peter Allan, Chairman of the Mansfield Town Charity Stewards’ Committee and Ken Purslow the organizing mastermind of the event, presented a cheque for £5100 to trustees Pauline and Derek Smith of Mansfield. There was an additional payment of £355 raised at the Swimathon from the Kirkby Lodge.

In thanking the Freemasons and their family and friends for their enthusiasm and the magnificent amount of money raised at the Swimathon, trustee Pauline Smith outlined the continuing needs of today’s disadvantaged children and the benefits to them from week’s holiday in the countryside at Great Hucklow.

In attendance were Rev Maria Pap who welcomed everyone to the Old Meeting House Unitarian Chapel, where the presentation took place. Several Charity Stewards of Mansfield Town were present and a warm welcome was also given to the Provincial Grand Master for Nottinghamshire, Philip Marshall and his wife Ann. Coffee and cakes were then enjoyed in the nearby Harrop White room.

Two Halves make a whole - Sponsored SACH Marathon! E-mail
Friday 9th May 2019
Tom Jenkinson, grandson of SACH Founder, Rev Peter Godfrey, is running the Leeds half-marathon, May 11th, along with 2 friends to raise funds, complete with bright lemon SACH T-shirts! For more information:

Dawn Jones, teaching assistant with the 2019 Chesterfield SACH group, has kindly decided to run the Doncaster half-marathon, June 9th, in aid of SACH. For more information:

Wednesday 24th April 2019
Are there any "blues" fans out there?

Thanks to the efforts of our new "fund-raiser", Kate Hamill, Everton FC have kindly donated a signed football for us to raise funds for SACH. Quite a few of our groups of children have traditionally come from Liverpool.
(click image to enlarge)
Please contact The Hon. Sec. by 15th May : Good luck!

“SACH in the Peak!” E-mail
Monday 25th March 2019
Actually it is “The Peak Advertiser”, a free local newspaper in the Great Hucklow area, which kindly printed this article from our Chair, Sarah Benfield, following an initiative by our new “Fund Raiser”, Kate Hamill of Sheffield. It is copied here with permission:- (click image to enlarge)

Not a dry eye in the place! E-mail
Monday 21st January 2019
In the picture are Nightingale Centre Manager, Stella Burney, with the head and a pupil from Molescroft School, Beverley, in "God's own county". Stella is receiving a cheque for some £4800-odd, being the result of a year's nominated fundraising at the school, pupils and staff of which have been non-SACH visitors to the Derbyshire Centre for 20 years. (click image to enlarge)

Annual Report 2018 & Appeal 2019 E-mail
Thursday 29th November 2018
The ‘2018 Annual Report & 2019 Annual Appeal’ is currently being circulated in black & white printed form, and can also be downloaded in colour here.

We thank everyone for their special efforts and kind donations which help our work to continue: 14 weeks are planned for 2019.

Our “Kit out a Kid” special Appeal is still open...!”

Four Groups Weekend E-mail
Thursday 1st November 2018
Wonderful donation from the Four Groups Weekend at the Nightingale Centre for SACH. Wow £160 pounds. Our thanks to the committees of the Unitarian Peace Fellowship (UPF), National Unitarian Fellowship (NUF), Unitarian Renewal Group (URG) and Unitarian Earth Spirit Network (UESN) for their generosity.
(click image to enlarge)

Chesterfield Coffee Morning E-mail
Saturday 8th September 2018
Elder Yard Chapel Secretary, Ann Shutt, stands in the 17th Century chapel's doorway next to the SACH Hon. Sec., who was happier than he looks, at the Chesterfield congregation's Coffee & Cake morning, raising money for SACH as part of their Heritage Weekend Opening.
A big thank you! (click image to enlarge)

Three Cheers for the good old Co-op! E-mail
Saturday 30th June 2018
Thanks to the efforts of SACH Trustee, Tom Grimshaw, two local branches in Manchester made us their designated local charity. A suitable four-figure donation sum ensued: big thanks!

Spring 2018 Update from Rev Ernest Baker (Hon. Sec.) E-mail
Tuesday 13th April 2018
A Snowy Start for the 2018 Weeks!

The first of our projected 15 SACH weeks coincided with "the snows"! We hear the group was delayed in getting back over the Pennines... but we have no reports of the children complaining! Andrew's Coaches came up trumps for the transport, and one of the chefs camped out overnight at the Centre. Over and above: thank you!

A Snowy Start for the 2018 Weeks!

The first of our projected 15 SACH weeks coincided with "the snows"! We hear the group was delayed in getting back over the Pennines... but we have no reports of the children complaining! Andrew's Coaches came up trumps for the transport, and one of the chefs camped out overnight at the Centre. Over and above: thank you!

SACH Newsletter

The second edition of this is now available. Download it here! Centre Manager Stella Burney's moving story - telling it like it is - will surely have you reaching for your chequebook, or accessing your on-line banking.


Thank you to everyone who visited our Stall at the Unitarian Annual General Assembly Meetings in Northamptonshire, thrusting money into my hand, taking copies of our regular information leaflet, our Legacy leaflet, the new Newsletter, or the "SACH Worship Service".

Please note you can now support SACH via Amazon Cloud.

SACH Poster

An updated version, with our new Donations Treasurer, Ruth Taylor's details, is available to download here Poster 2108

Appeal Fund-Raiser

We are delighted to announce that Kate Hamill, who lives in Sheffield, has agreed to be our person to chase funding from Trusts and Companies. We wish her well in her endeavours in what can be a challenging and frustrating task.

Spring 2017 Update from Rev Ernest Baker (Hon. Sec.) E-mail
Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Syria to Hucklow in 3 weeks!

Our 15 2017 weeks are well under way. One of our Liverpool groups included a refugee lad who had only been in the country 3 weeks: the Hucklow countryside was to him, well, "a surprise"!
Put a value on that!

Some recent donations

Our thanks to the group from MOTORPOINT, visiting Hucklow for a training course, who facilitated a donation of £1000 from the Company, with which we have replaced the long-depleted sports equipment at the Centre, and provided some "seed money" for our current SACH Appeal.

As always, you never cease to amaze us with imaginative ideas for money-raisers: Raffles, a Chocolate Easter Egg nest made by children at Russell Street, Bradford Unitarian congregation, post-worship tea/coffee monies... and we are always grateful for Legacies. Have you thought about yours, as I have been doing of late?


Thanks you to all the folk who visited our stall at the Unitarian General Assembly meetings in Birmingham; offering donations to our special Appeal, buying CDs, taking our SACH Worship Service for possible use with their local congregation, or just having a chat!

Our weakest link?

We are still looking for someone with the right skills and patience ( or bloody-minded persistence?! ) to act as our Appeal Fund-Raiser, in particular exploring the possibilities of support from the world of finance & commerce. Is this you?

"Christmas is a Cumin' in!"
(as Shakespeare/ Ezra Pound didn't write!)
Friday 25th November 2016
All those glossy holiday brochures for exotic, sunny climes will be in circulation once again! For our children's holidays in Derbyshire we can't guarantee sun, but our visitors, over 300 of them in 2016 record year, say the weather is the only thing they would change!

Please remember us at Christmas!
our 2016/7 Appeal is now up and running!

Things to cheer us!

News of the 6 year old who insisted her pocket-money should go to Send a Child!

Children have been visiting Hucklow since well before the Fund began formally; one of today's groups is from a community organisation which also runs an elderly person's club… with a member who recalls visiting the Derbyshire Centre, on the back of an open lorry, with a sack for cover in the event of rain!

Last financial year we raised in excess of our target of £50k - but thanks to some non-repeatable major donations. With a record 16 weeks, however, we "overspent". We still need your support. Our Donations Treasurer, Sue Catts would love to hear from you!

The Latest Annual Report…

Is available here on this website to download in glorious colour. The black & white printed version will be in circulation very soon.

You can also download our new leaflet, a poster, our logo, a donation form… (.pdf) or (.doc) please spread the word!

Zephy, age 6, sends her gift. E-mail
Tuesday 1st March 2016
Zephy told grandma that she had been saving her pocket money and now she was desperate to give it ‘to charity’. She had put £3.61 in small coins of 1, 2 and 5 pence pieces into an envelope, on the front of which she had written: ‘To Charity’.

This was a matter that the little girl had really worried about over the many weeks she had been saving the money. Grandma and Zephy sat down together to talk through which charity she would like to donate her money to. Zephy was very clear that she wanted her money to go to ‘the poor’.

Eventually it was established that yes, she would really like to help other children. Zephy was told all about SACH and how her money could help another child, living in a city, who had never had a holiday or seen the countryside have a holiday at The Nightingale Centre in Great Hucklow. Zephy was very excited to now know how her hard-saved money would be used and felt she should write a letter to accompany the money and Grandma would post the money and letter for her.

In the letter, she wrote the following words in her six-year old handwriting:

To Charity
From Zephy,

I am 6 years old and am dessbrat.

Love Zephy

From Smartie Tube… to Egg box! E-mail
Wednesday 24th February 2016
This from the Stockton Unitarian congregation newsletter…

Lent Appeal 2016
Who can remember filling Smarties tubes with "old" 5p pieces? We don't seem to have been so diligent with our savings in recent years. Following some discussion on the subject at a recent Worship Group Meeting I volunteered to come up with an incentive for Lent this year.

You may have noticed on page 2 of the recent Inquirer an appeal for more contributions to help send disadvantaged children for a much needed holiday in the country at Great Hucklow. These children really appreciate being served three delicious meals a day during their stay at the Nightingale Centre.

With this in mind, I offer to those of you who come to a service in the next week or two, a "nest" containing an Ingleby Arncliffe Free Range egg for your breakfast or tea, plus a little chocolate treat. In return I hope you will empty out your purses of loose change during Lent and save the coins in the egg container for the Send A Child To Hucklow (SACH) Fund.

Hazel Warhurst

Thank you, Hazel! It's not just the meals the children appreciate! We wonder if "Smartie tubes" still exist… and if they might now fit 20p pieces…?!

We're ready for 2016! (not just living in the past!) E-mail
Thursday 14th January 2016
We're ready for 2016! (not just living in the past!)
15 holidays for disadvantaged children are scheduled for 2016, starting next month, February.

Donations Treasurer leads by example!
Last financial year we just about raised our target of £50k (see the latest Annual Report. Our Donations Treasurer, Sue Catts (nee Cooper) led by example, by celebrating her "allotted span" birthday, inviting donations in lieu of presents, then promptly getting wed to Ralph (lay Pastor at Hull Unitarian Church), and their celebrating by inviting gifts in lieu to SACH!

"Black Bull" caroling
A crowd from Gateacre Unitarian Chapel, Liverpool, together with other scouse Unitarians, including 3 parsons, and the Hon. Sec and his wife from distant Yorkshire, descended by arrangement (they've been doing it for about 10 years!) on the "Black Bull" pub across the road to sing carols to the customers. Over £400 was raised on a splendid evening; one lady donated £50 for the privilege of singing "Silent Night"! The local Co-op donated a splendid "Order of Service" sheet to grace the occasion.

Many & varied
We never cease to be amazed at the variety of things folk will get up to to raise money for us. Rev Ant Howe, from the Kingswood congregation in Birmingham, is rumoured to be planning to do some sort of sponsored activity in the spring. Watch this space!

New publicity leaflet available
Our splendid new leaflet, designed by Trustee Judith Short, has been circulated to Unitarian congregations countrywide, and is now available to be downloaded here.

Just in time for Christmas! E-mail
Monday 6th October 2014
Just in time for Christmas! “Sounds of the 60s” - the ideal present! 2 albums on one CD!

(including material previously released only on limited-edition vinyl!)
Includes Sleeve notes on all the songs and singers "Digitally-remastered" (well, John, Cliff... and Colin, and Colin had a hand in it!)

‘WE’RE FOLK AND WE’RE SINGING: UYPL Folk Sessions from the 1960s'

The first 14 tracks were recorded at Wythenshawe Unitarian Church, Manchester at the Unitarian Young Peoples League annual Drama Festival on Saturday 20th March 1965. The next 12 tracks were recorded during the UYPL’s Manchester Region Annual January Weekend at Great Hucklow on Friday 26th January 1968.
The tracks include songs from:-

Flick and FredJohn AllertonJoan AllertonTrevor JonesBrian Hopkins and Jen Pickles
Peter and Kathy TimineyPip Walker and Dorothy StrettonGeoff KentCliff Reed

Amongst the songs are:-

"Wild Rover""Foggy Foggy Dew""This land is your land"
"“Captain Kidd""Wade in the Water""New York Girls"

Sleeve Notes Tracks 1 – 14 were recorded on the evening of Saturday, 20th March 1965, at Wythenshawe Unitarian Church, Manchester. The occasion was the Unitarian Young People’s League’s annual Drama Festival, won that year by the Altrincham branch. At the time, the Rev. Trevor Jones, folk-singer and fiddler (in the musical sense!), was minister at the Wythenshawe church, where he led a very successful folk club. These tracks were first issued on a vinyl ‘LP’ with the title ‘Folk Drama ‘65’.

Tracks 15 – 26 were recorded on the evening of Friday, 26th January 1968, at the Unitarian Holiday & Conference Centre in Great Hucklow, at the heart of the Peak District National Park. The occasion was the Manchester Region UYPL’s annual January Weekend, which attracted young Unitarians from all over the country. The tracks for the ‘LP’ were chosen by ballot from amongst the many more songs sung that evening!

Within UYPL, the traditional ‘sing-song’ had, by the mid-1960s, morphed into a folk-session, such as those found in the many folk-clubs which thrived at that time. With one or two exceptions, the songs on this CD are either traditional folk-songs or songs written by 20th-century folk-singers. But even if a song wasn’t a folk-song in the true sense, it became one when people sang it! As John Allerton can be heard observing on track 6 in the introduction to ‘Favourite Things’, “We’re folk and we’re singing.” As the enthusiastic audience participation shows, many of these songs were well known favourites at UYPL gatherings.

In the 1960s, UYPL was a truly national Unitarian youth organisation, run by young people for young people between the ages of 14 and 30. The basic unit was the local church-based youth group or branch. Branches were gathered into regions, which in turn constituted the national movement, whose ‘spiritual home’ was Great Hucklow.

When UYPL held events there, folk-singing was by no means the only music to be heard! And on Sunday mornings the Old Chapel was packed with young Unitarians, raising the roof with their spirited rendition of the UYPL hymn, ‘Lord of the wondrous earth’ (now number 1 in the green hymnal, ‘Hymns for Living’), written in the 1930s by UYPL’s first National President, Arthur Vallance. Thanks to Robert Waller of the Ipswich Unitarian Meeting for putting the two original recordings on to one CD. The 1965 recording was made by John Hewerdine, that from 1968 (to the best of my recollection) by Colin Horsfield, both of whom were UYPL’ers at the time.
Notes by Cliff Reed, Easter 2014. The CDs can be ordered from the SACH Hon.Secretary, Ern,
Postage and packing free for a minimum donation of £7.

Tuesday 8th April 2014
Committee Meeting March 14
At the instigation not least of veteran Trustee Rev Derek Smith Send a Child Trustees held a special one-off meeting in March to look to the future.

The gathering began with the new Chairman Rev Peter Hewis' movingly reading Mavis Jean Cole's poem, “I am the Child”. To general acclaim, recently-retired Chairman and joint-founder ( along with Rev Glyn Pruce ) Rev Peter Godfrey was appointed as Life President of Send a Child.

Whilst there is no doubt that the need for the holidays continues – no problem there! - and we continue to wider our geographical spread, it was recognized that social life, and what constitutes “disadvantage”, has changed. In particular children are now increasingly faced with “managing” their split families. Children have less time spent on them, and debt can mask deprived family states.

The “Statement” of basic information about the Fund sent out to all groups was revised and updated, in particular with regard to maximum and minimum numbers, the age-range covered, and a procedure for variation from these rubrics.

Under the heading “Futureama” it was agreed that social media was probably of limited use to us at this stage, but the vital importance of this Website and its updated content was affirmed. We would be helped if there were volunteers to be “local treasurers”, i.e. promoting fund-raising and seeking out local sources of funding, both Unitarian and non-Unitarian. Any offers?!

We need too for younger folk to “own” SACH, and perhaps join the Trustee body.


  • 14 weeks are planned for 2014, our highest number ever – again!
  • The latest Annual Report is available on this website.
  • An updated SACH poster is available. Is it on your Noticeboard? Download it now!

A new era dawns?! E-mail
Tuesday 10th December 2013
Peter Hewis and Peter Godfrey
At the recent, November, Annual Meeting our veteran, Rev Peter Godfrey reliquished his role after 51 years of service as a founder, as former Secretary, and, for the last dozen years, as Chairman of SACH. [The picture shows new Chairman, and also long-standing original Trustee, Rev Peter Hewis, presenting Peter G with a certificate to mark the occasion, in the Dining Room of the Nightingale Centre.] Peter G remains a Trustee, and we look forward to his support and wise counsel for many years to come.

We welcomed new Trustees Sarah Benfield, Colleen Burns, Tom Grimshaw, and Ruth Taylor.

We raised some £74,400 in 2012-13, though half of this is accounted for by one-off donations, including that from the Women's League Project. Looking to the future, in a world of changing needs, a special meeting of Trustees will be held in March next.

  • 14 weeks are planned for 2014, our highest number ever – again!
  • The printed Annual Report will be in the post in the next 7-10 days, and will appear soon on this website.
  • An updated SACH poster is available to download.
  • Please also see our downloadable 'Items for Sale/ Way to donate' poster.

We feared a double dip! E-mail
Monday 6th May 2013
After the magnificent result marking our 50th Anniversary, we thought our donations would be seriously down: we shouldn't have worried! You haven't forgotten us, and this financial year looks likely to be well up to average and more.

We acknowledge with grateful thanks considerable donations:

  • Unitarian District Associations: Merseyside & District Missionary Association; East Cheshire Union; North-East Lancashire Unitarian Mission, and the Yorkshire Unitarian Union ( from the sale of Pudsey Unitarian Church );
  • A E R Goulty's Charitable Trust, Friends Hall Farm Street Trust, J & A Slater Memorial Fund, Zochonis Charitable Trust, Dagney Raymond Charitable Trust, the Fellowship Theatre Company of Sheffield (via Fulwood Old Chapel);
  • in memory of Rev Keith Gilley and Dineka Humphreys;
  • individuals: ex-UYPLers Sandra Coleman, and Gavin Mason;
  • Wirral and Manx Unitarians with Mockbeggar Morris;
  • from many congregations and individuals;
  • The National Unitarian Womens league, who made us their project for 2012-13, and raised some £14,400 (+ more from branches), a record for them! Our Chairman was pleased to receive the cheque at the recent Unitarian General Assembly Meetings in Nottingham.
  • We also mention with thanks having the first tranche of our Jubilee fund-raising “doubling”!
We apologise if someone has been left out: we're only human!

Just Text Giving E-mail
Tuesday 16th October 2012
Supporters can now send a donation of up to £10 by texting SACH22 and an amount to 70070.
(example: text SACH22£10 to donate £10, or text SACH22£5 to donate £5.)
Texts are charged at your mobile phone operator's standard rate. The charity will receive 100% of your donation. You must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payer's permission. For full terms and conditions and more information, please visit
Why not give it a try now!

“Christianity, community and social concern” E-mail
Monday 30th January 2012
Long-standing SACH Trustee R J ("Reg") Ash's solidly-researched and recently-published, splendid "History of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society from 1836"... to the time he became Warden in 1969, is now on sale. All profits of the sale, price £10, we think, go to Send a Child.

Reg is currently writing his "memoirs" as Warden ( a sort of "History", part 2 ), and we wish him speedy progress in that eneterprise!

Bentley Operatic Society are giving a Concert in aid of Send a Child at Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool, on Saturday, 7th July 2012. Thank you in advance to their members.

Trevor and Sheila Jones CD E-mail
Friday 27th January 2012
Trevor and Sheila Jones CD

Featuring several old favourites and original songs from the 60s Wythenshawe folk club scene, recorded by John Hewerdine, this is available for £5, all going to “Send a Child”. Available by contacting the Hon. Secretary.


The Send A Child To Hucklow Fund originated in 1961 and became a registered charity (No. 271585) in 1976.
© The Send a Child to Hucklow Fund